Monday, September 28, 2009

An Anniversary Song

Thinking about the past year and all the wonderful people I've met through blogging -- people who are kind and supportive and witty and thoughtful and who are just plain interesting -- made me think back to the beginning.

It was the oddest feeling, putting together that first post and sending it out, kind of like sticking a message into a bottle and tossing it into the ocean to bob around until someone -- anyone -- pulls it from the water and reads it.

For me, that person was Radagast aka Matthew Holford, who, upon reading my second post, left me a comment. Matthew also gave me my first ever award (back in the days before I decided it's more important for the Chronicles to be fast than pretty).

A few of you joined soon after, and even took the time to go back and read my earlier posts, but most of you have never seen that first effort. So to celebrate one full year of blogging joy, I am re-posting my virgin effort.

This is my first-ever post on my first-ever blog. Ah, it's even got that new-blog smell.

Why am I calling it "The Raisin Chronicles?"

Because this blog is intended to be a celebration of growing older -- aging, maybe not gracefully, but with a lot of gusto. And because each of us, as she ages, becomes more and more like a raisin -- smaller, darker and a lot more wrinkled.

So, to start things off, a celebration of gal-pals (sung to the tune of "Baby Face" -- if you don't know that song, you're too young to be reading this blog).

Lady face
I’ve got a little old lady face
The bags beneath my eyes are a disgrace
It’s a waste
Being old sucks, young rocks
I sure could use some Botox

Lady hair
I’ve got this little old lady hair
It’s gray and silver and spikes out to there
People stare
And it’s getting much thinner
I’m balder than most men are

Lady butt
I’ve got a little old lady butt
It sags down even further than my gut
Used to jut
What was once X-rated
Is now just constipated

Lady tits
I’ve got these little old lady tits
It’s really hard to find a bra that fits
It’s the pits
I have my cups inflated
To keep them elevated.

Lady face
But I don’t worry when I’m hanging with the gals
I thank the stars above
That I’ve got friends who love
My little old lady face.

Thanks to everyone who drops by occasionally. Here's to another year!

(If you don't know the song, and really want to hear the melody, here's Paul McCartney singing it:


  1. Congrats!

    The years fly by, so I'll post this personal note: Along with the wit, humor, activism, intelligence and enthusiasm she exudes, this lady is one of the prettiest women I have ever known!

    Age will never stop that! So there.

  2. Congratulations!

    I love the song. Well, the words to it. Because apparently I'm too young to be reading your blog. :-)

  3. Happy Anniversary!! I just celebrated my 1 year as well!

  4. Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary. Not only do I know the tune of the song, but I remember all the words. I like yours better. Of course, the tune will be in my head all day now.

  5. Congratulations and happy anniversary Jeanne. I am glad I found you. I enjoy your wits though sometimes you are too funny for my slow mind.

    I'd love to know how Radagast found you.

  6. Congrats on your one year!! I remember my first post too...strange and nerve-racking and odd putting it out there. But so worth it! So glad to have found your and your wonderful wit in bloggerland! :)

  7. Happy Anniversary. And that song is hilarious!

  8. Happy Anniversary!!

    I love stopping by over here. Does that make me a Rasinette? Cool with me!

  9. Happy Anniversary!

    I have to say - your virgin post is a heck of a lot better than mine was.

    Congrats again - here's to many more years!

  10. I didn't read your first post until much later in the year. It hasn't lost a thing the second time around.

    "Raisin Chronicles," the name of the blog is pure genius. And if all that the blog contains isn't pure genius, at the very least it's highly entertaining.

    I am looking forward to lots more. Happy anniversary!

  11. Congratulations!!! I can relate to the message in a bottle thing.

  12. Congratulations, Jeanne. I love your song -- and yes, I sang along with it.

  13. Congratulations and happy 1 year anniversary!

  14. Joyeux Anniversaire, chère Jeanne. Sorry I'm a bit late on wishing that we can continue to read your posts for many years to come.

  15. hhahaha!! Just great!! Yes, I know the babyface song so was able to sing it....I mean, I actually wasn't since I was laughing too hard by the time I got to the second stanza!!

  16. Happy Anniversary! I must have started about the same time as you. I have no idea how I ever found you but when I did I went back and read everything you had written. I have enjoyed your wonderful sense of humor and I've even learned a few things from you. Here's to another year for both of us!

  17. Pretty funny! Congrats on one year!

  18. So glad you reposted this. I love the "tits" verse. (Who would have thought I would ever compose that sentence?)
    You need to read my Perimenopausal Blues poem. (Just search the blog with those two words.)
    I see myself as more of a dried prune.

  19. Congrats!I love the song. Well, the words to it. Because apparently I'm too young to be reading your blog.
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  20. How cool is that? I didn't know the raisin story, but I love it.

  21. All I have to say is keep it up girl, you are one of the few on my list that I look forward to!

  22. All I have to say is keep it up girl, you are one of the few on my list that I look forward to!


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