Monday, August 31, 2009

Two Americas

So I'm watching this frizzy-haired woman on TV, at one of the Town Halls, weeping about the loss of "her America."

"I want MY America back," she wailed. "What happened to MY America?"

It reminded me of my daughter when she was 5, and wanted some toy she'd long since outgrown. But it also made me think about the frizzy-haired chick's America versus my America.

(If anyone knows why there's this huge gap before this table, please feel free to let me know.)

Her America My America
It’s okay to bring a gun to a Town Hall. It’s okay to bring a gun to a Town Hall (although I personally think that’s craziness, but it’s the Constitution, and I support the Constitution – even when I disagree with it.
People who wear t-shirts critical of the president are arrested. People who carry posters of President Obama with a Hitler mustache get to do that because it’s the Constitution, and I support the Constitution – even when I disagree with it.
It’s okay for the government to tap our phones. It’s not okay for the government to break the law. Even if we are pissing-our-pants scared of terrorists.
It’s okay to torture prisoners of war. It’s not okay to torture people. Even if we are pissing-our-pants scared of terrorists.
It’s okay for the government to lie and get us into a war under false pretences. It’s not okay for the government to lie to us. Even if they are pissing-their-pants scared of terrorists – or whatever-the-hell ever their real motivation was.
Only white guys get to be President. Any guy can be President. Hell, if I live long enough, maybe ANYONE can be president.
Marriage is only between one man and one woman. Marriage can be between any two adults who love each other enough to be willing to risk it.
Burning the flag is an abomination, and should be banned via the Constitution. Burning the flag is silly, and rude, but proposing a Constitutional amendment banning it is a cheap political ploy to distract from your own misdeeds or lack of accomplishments.
Only people with good jobs get healthcare. Everyone gets healthcare.


  1. I much prefer your America, Jeanne. Maybe you should be President.

    And I've never tried posting a table, so I can't help you out on that one - frustrating gap! x

  2. oh and this is even better... I put a ton of spaces between the words frustrating and gap... and they were promptly removed! Bah! Foiled again!

  3. Can I come live in your America?

  4. You are my very-best-friend!
    There really is only one America and I am putting you in charge...there may be some young adults who are disappointed with you but heh you can't please everyone!

  5. Does Blogger allow you to look at the HTML? I'm thinking there is some coding you could remove to fix it.

    And your America? Love it. That's what it's all about. Barney Frank said, "It's a tribute to the First Amendment that such vile, contemptible rubbish is allowed."

  6. You can actually bring a gun to a town hall? I find that crazy! We can't even take nail-clippers to a town hall...

  7. Some people feel very comfortable living under tyranny.

  8. Pretty much anytime I hear someone utter the words "My America", I get very scared.

  9. "America" is sooooo yesterday. I like the new logo better than the old flag.

    BTW, where do you hide something from a Republican?

    Under a bar of soap!


  10. I am totally amused by the image of the frizzy-haired woman (has she heard of brushes and hair sprays?) wailing about her doll, named America!! So sad that a black man had to become President and cause such grief! tsk! tsk!!

  11. Maybe the gap is symbolic for the gap between the two americas? haha, oh the internet is so clever.

    I live in your america, and agree that though it shouldn't be illegal because its protected in the 1st ammendment, its more than a little annoying when people burn the flag.

  12. I believe in being as personally well armed as a robber or a burgler- or a terrorist(which I've never met one in over 50 some years here). I believe we have a right to protest, to compel our elected Officals to remember to listen to the people who elected them. We pay taxes based on our incomes.. Why can't health care have a similar sliding scale of who gets charged what based on their means? We currently borrow billions of dollars from China, Japan , Great Britain, a number of European countries, and spend more on defense (with loaned money!) than any of them to police the world for them for free!
    When our economy, based on borrowing money to buy things we want falters, the rest of the world shipping goods here feels it big time- then blames us..
    I could go on, but if we all paid more attention to the Constitution, America would reclaim some of it's pride and glory.

  13. What she doesn't understand is that the one true and wonderful thing about America is that it is ever evolving. It never stands still although there are always those pulling as hard as they can on the reins.

    Resistance is futile.

  14. You know, I prefer your America hugely. But really? Guns to town hall? Isn't that too scary?

  15. Amen to everyone gets healthcare. How can anyone disagree with that?

  16. aahhh, jeanne, i'm with you. i grinned at this table comparison just before i felt the same confusion you obviously do too.

    but girl, haven't the last ten years been something else??


  17. Someone get a gun and SHOOT that bitch.

  18. this moron's America also would include lynchings and gas chambers for those that don't belong in "her"America

  19. I like your America and would like to move in, please.

  20. Jeanne, I loved your table - gap or not! Too often here we only hear about the noise made by the "My Americas" and forget that there are a lot of sane, ordinary people living in "Your America" who think the same as we do (or the same as I do anyway).

  21. Your America gets my vote any day!


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