Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My Little Town:- Getting Into the Swing

(No Web Wednesday this week -- all I've gotten are cute animal pictures and a Powerpoint slideshow about these hot baths formed from calcium carbonate deposits in Turkey. So, I'm introducing a new feature - "My Little Town."

Lately, I've been walking my dogs in the morning before I go to work. Since the nature of dog-walking is that you see the same stuff over and over, after a while, you start to really see it.

One of the things we pass each morning is this building:

If you look closely, you'll see the sign says, "Club 101".

According to the woman who lives across the street from me, and grew up in the neighborhood, it's a swingers' club.

My question is: Shouldn't it be called "Club 202"? Or, Club X on Y?

Just sayin'....


  1. LOL (Laugh On Laugh).
    Makes me wonder what the neighbour has seen or overheard that confirms this is a swingers club and not just regular cocktail parties...

  2. Maybe you should go over and see how to become a member. Just joking!
    I'm surprised no one's firebombed it yet.

  3. Be careful, Jeanne... you are already seeing too much, it won't be long before you can't stand to breathe the air there...

  4. Looks like the swingers in your town keep sheep in there captive... :)

  5. Ditto on Kabbalah! Maybe the reason why no one has gone even into its parking lot is because they are afraid what goes on inside has spilled out into the lot...sorry I could not resist that one!

    Rumors, and speaking of that I heard that we had one up north of here that got busted, and it was suppose to be gaudy like a Vegas club...nothing like what I see here, but I bet there is lots of gaudy velvet and leather in there, lol, oh and at least one of my favorite thats a name... Cock Tails...oh my mind is racing he he he

  6. hahahaha Skyler's dad, for sure, what a nice barn/club... Sometimes though that's where all the fun happens. What a nice My little 'swinger'town.

  7. Seriously? People are still doing that? That's a very innocuous name. Perhaps it should read, "1 ON 1".


  8. J,

    Leave it up to you to bring yet another titillating angle to Blogland! Hope you don't lose another follower on this one!

    Just Google and you'll see that this is a AAA Class resort where people greet and meat throughout the week.The snack area alone is obviously an award winner, fer sure.

    The "barn" look is just a facade so the average gal walking her dog won't get a whiff of what's going on inside.

    It does make me wonder...Who's more likely to swing? Liberals or Conservatives? MMmmmmmm.

  9. HA HA HA. Yes I think the neighbour knows too much Jeanne!!!

  10. You never mentioned that you live in Swingtown.

  11. Swingers, I always thought they sound so ridiculous.


  12. Swingers..seems so should really check the inside out..and then report back to us! :)


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