Friday, August 7, 2009

Fiction Friday: Building a Story

Since I so enjoyed taking your input and weaving a story (even if it was so vulgar it actually lost me a follower) and since you all seemed to enjoy participating in the effort, I thought we’d try something similar today.

Here’s the skinny: I’ll create a character and a plot structure, and you contribute suggested details. Then, on next Friday, I’ll piece it all together and post it. Assuming that there's enough input to make selection necessary, I will be choosing based on (1) adherence to the character as described and (2) dramatic sense.

Character: Nicole Benson is a 42-year-old, recently divorced, mother of two daughters, aged 11 and 14. She has a good job with good benefits, though not in the subject she majored in at college -- Theater.

Plot structure:

Nicole Benson wants (input #1 - name something she might want) because (input #2 - why does she want it?), so she (input #3 - what does she do to pursue her dream?), expecting (input #4). Instead, (input #5) happens.

Horrified, she (input #6), thinking that will (input #7), but instead (input #8).

Fortunately, (input #9), and that takes some of the pressure off.

But not for long, because (input #10). At her wit’s end, she finally (input #11) and (I’ll take it from here).

You can contribute any or all of the inputs (please number them, so I know which ones are which), and I’ll choose the ones that seem to work together to create a good plot.

Or, you can remain ominously silent, and I’ll just sit around listening to the crickets chirp.....


  1. #11 She finally answers the letter and agrees to go to France.

  2. You have not lost me, just lurking, I have been so busy I cannot turn around sometimes...

  3. #1 - Wants to appear on-stage in a musical one more time before she dies

    #2 - She lost a significant amount of weight (and perhaps a bit of self-esteem) during her divorce - and has realized she looks and sounds the best she has in years. She wants to prove to herself and show her daughters (who have never seen her on-stage) the talented performer she can be.

    #3 - Visits a local community theater that she knows puts on a musical every spring

    #4 - Expecting to land a part

    #5 - She is given some supporting role in the organization that only reminds her of her current job (treasurer, stage manager, costume dept.) and/or she has no interest in or talent for.

    #6 - Hangs around rehearsals looking for opportunities to show the director and cast members that her true talent lies in performing (she really is very talented; clearly moreso than most if not all of the selected cast)

    #7 - Result in her being cast as the female lead (her confidence is such that she hasn't actually bothered to find out what play is being produced; she can play 'em all)

    #8 - She is so disruptive and/or fails so utterly at her assigned tasks (see #5 above) that she is asked to leave the organization.

    #9 - The director of the play (a man close to Nicole's age, also recently divorced) has noticed both Nicole and her talent. When the originally cast female lead leaves the production, he contacts Nicole to offer her the part.

    #10 - The theater is putting on HAIR and he intends to include the nude scene.

    #11 - Agrees to take the part despite her concerns about appearing naked on-stage

    I don't know if any of that will be helpful to you (it's rather derivative - but I went with the theater angle). But I haven't contributed anything lately - and I hated the thought of just you with the crickets.

  4. Oh, girl. I'm going to think about this and fill in all the blanks!

    Tomorrow (I'm still recovering from the outlook to mac debacle.

    Dang! Jim Styro brought it, didn't he?? Dan.....g!

  5. Oh, girl. I'm going to think about this and fill in all the blanks!

    Tomorrow (I'm still recovering from the outlook to mac debacle.

  6. #9 - her identical twin comes to stay

  7. Input #1: a new husband

    I want a how-to-hook-a-man story by Jeanne :)

  8. #1 to become an actress on Broadway.

    #2 she had promised her grandmother on her deathbed that she would follow her dream.

    #3 she packs up all her belongings and kids and moves to New York to pursue the dream.

    #4 her old friends in theater to help her find jobs.

    #5 nothing happens.

    #6 gets a job as a waitress to put food on the table.

    #7 be the end of her dreams.

    #8 meets a Broadway director (regular customer) that likes her and gives her a small part.

    #9 rehearsals are going great. She is actually making a nice paycheck.

    #10 the play lost it's financial backers.

    #11 contacts her ex-husband for help.

  9. New computer issues- not bad, but..

  10. Yes Jeanne, Sheldon always will. Tahnk you.

    Love Renee xoxo


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