Wednesday, June 17, 2009

More Brain Games

Someone at work sent me this link, and we haven't played any brain games in a while, so....

1) How many of the 100 most commonly used words in the English language can you name in 12 minutes? (My score: 65).

2) How many of these 16 words with double-e's (ee) can you come up with in 4 minutes? (My score: 13)

3) How many of these 26 musicals can you name in 7 minutes? (My score: 24*)

4) How many of these 20 phrases that feature the number "3" can you identify in 5 minutes? (My score: 16)

5) How many of the "7 Words You Can't Say on Television" can you identify in 1 minute? (My score: 7*)

*Note that my areas of strength are Broadway musicals and profanity. Just think of the showtunes I could write.


  1. You should definitely write a showtune.

    It would be mind blowing.

  2. I write show tunes while driving...belt them out like a bad second soprano, but they sound good to me, maybe we should collaborate...

  3. I'll take Show tunes for 800 please.

  4. Wouldn't that be fun? A pornographic musical comedy...
    Thanks for the fun link.

  5. Your blog always makes me think.

  6. I expect to be paid when answering questions.... :)

  7. Jeanne thanks for the brain quiz, I just realized I am an idiot.



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