Monday, April 20, 2009

Something NOT to Think About in Church

Every time we sing this song at church:

I find myself remembering this....

I hope God is a fan of the 1960's garage-band sound....


  1. Ha! I like it! What prompts the connection?
    I am sure that God hums along to everything - with the exception probably of death metal and gangster rap (a little difficult to hum along to, methinks..)
    K.R. x

  2. Your church has way cooler music than ours.

    I hope God is just a fan of fun and music in general.

  3. I like the second one better, but the first one is pretty rockin'.

    Sometimes I miss going go to church, but I always feel like The Light is around me.

  4. I agree with KR, god is humming along with everything...

  5. I always thought there was inordinate number of hymns that talked of blood... I always sang them with a Dracula-like Transylvanian accent... Got slapped a lot too...

  6. Somehow I missed that little black egg song during my trip through the sixties.

    I don't get the connection of the songs but if it makes you happy - well good.

  7. God is totally a fan of 1960's garage-band sound. And 80's punk rock. Just not country western.

  8. Ahhh,

    Finally, we arrive in the Church. One must be untrigued about what someone like God might have in store for a gem like her...a Joan Of Arc, ask not what Jeanne can do for you....

    I want to know
    If I am or am not myself
    It's hard to know how far or if it all will go
    Waiting far too long for something I forgot was wrong
    I don't know all the answers I think that I'll find
    Or have it within the time but it's all that I have in mind

    Until I fall away
    That won't keep us waiting long
    Until I fall away
    I don't know what to do anymore

    Until I fall away......

    Gin Blossoms

  9. This would be a great church to go to. You can lead it on the beach!


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