Monday, April 27, 2009

Right Again

Like most of you, I came up right-brained on both of these tests.

Here's another one I found that, I think, does a better job of explaining how your left-brain/right-brain preference impacts your learning style, and also takes whether your are more visual or auditory into account.

This one requires you to download an app to your computer, which you may prefer not to do. I tried it, and don't seem to have acquired a virus, but use your own judgment.

(I came up slightly left brained and slightly visual the first time. The second time, (and the questions change each time you take it) I was still slightly left-brained, but overwhelmingly visual.)

So, at least as accurate as your horoscope.


  1. Thanks for the new test.

    Hope you had a swell weekend.

  2. I will give this one a whirl - I wonder if it will be able to tell that I think with the middle of my head.

  3. I love these Jeanne and in fact I had a shot at you in my yesterdays post because I tried to make a creative video but then realised all the left brain preferenced people might not understand it, lol. You have got me thinking. I will download this and let you know. Does it let you know if there is sign of a brain?

  4. OK just did it. Bit like an IQ test, DRUMROLL........Never have truer words been said, I am a well rounded person...he he.

    No apparently I am evenly balanced, slightly higher % right brain preference over left and visual over auditory. Its kind of interesting and pretty accurate really. It also depends on your career choice versus hobbies. I liked this test, printed out the results for closer look. Thanks Jeanne

  5. It is all very interesting. Fun, however labels such as right brain/left brain can be self limiting.

  6. oh, I haven't read your previous post yet. Will do so now! What fun!

  7. I still laugh every time I read as we get older we turn into raisins.


  8. definitely left brain
    hmmm, is that a good thing?


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