Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Rotten Tomatoes

February has been a sucky month on the validation front.

I got the following email from humorbloggers.com:

Your registration at Humor Bloggers dot com has been rejected for the following reason:
Thank you for your interest in Humor Bloggers dot com. Your request for membership was not accepted at this time. However, if you wish, you may re-apply again after 30 days.

We are well aware that humor is very subjective, and that approval to the cabal often depends on the voter panel available at the time of your review. Please be aware that the voter panel changes often. This is done to allow a variety of humor blogs a fair chance at being approved. Thank you so much again for your interest,
The Humorbloggers Administration Team
NOTE: This email was automatically generated from Humor Bloggers dot com (http://humorbloggers.com).

In case you didn’t notice, I’d like to point out that the software that’s supposed to fill in the reason for the rejection (“Too Esoteric,” “Too Dirty,” “You Suck”) does not appear to be working, leaving me to assume I failed on the final criteria.

Next, I lost a Follower. He or she dropped off the roll somewhere between “Kim in Satin,” and my drunken bull-riding. I’ve decided he or she is either homophobic or a teetotaler. Or, according to the folks at humorbloggers.com, has good taste.

Finally, I got a rejection letter from Funny Times for Maytag Mayhem. For those of you who write humor and aren’t aware of it, Funny Times is a monthly tabloid with a subscription of 70,000 people. (Great, now I have even more competition to get something published there.)

So I may not be funny, but at least I’m nice.


  1. Hey I think you are very funny. You need to keep trying. You definitely have talent. Keep up the good work. And who needs that follower that dropped off.

  2. Yeah, well, it does seem that there are times when humour is just not funny! I know it's a while to wait, but maybe March will be sunnier...

  3. Keep submitting. You'll get in.

    I always wonder what makes followers drop off, too.

  4. Some people think I'm really funny, others think I'm just a smart ass- then there are the ones that just don't "get it"...Nobody I ever met is funny all the time!

  5. I cannot tell you how many recipes and photos of food I submit on a monthly basis - rejection is part of the game it seems.....and followers come and go - remember that most of your 'followers' have blogs too and they want to be 'followed' as well....

  6. I try and follow as many as the time allows each day...but you are definitely funny woman...

    We live in a world today of finicky and flaky'ness...its the same with real friendships as well, and drives me nuts, so I have had to learn not to take it personal!

  7. FWIW, I think I'm really funny, and no one ever agrees with me.

    I think you're funny, too. I guess that's kind of bad news for you ;)

    (PS~~I lose/gain followers pretty regularly. I don't take it personally...I'd rather have readers who like my blog rather than people who just follow a zillion blogs but never read them!)

  8. What?! Screw humorbloggers (there goes my application.)

    Don't fret, you have some very loyal followers. And at least you HAVE followers! That's sumin'.

    And if you're like me, it's hard to hear opportunity knocking when you're banging your head against it.

  9. To hell with them.

    I think everybody gets rejected sometimes - at least it means your putting yourself out there.

    I'd even heard of either place that rejected you so I'm totally behind on the eight ball.

    (and I think your funny)

  10. Some people just don't understand what constitutes "funny". Apparently even organizations who's name rhymes with rumour bloggers don't get it. Don't worry, time will prove you right.

  11. Tasteless bastards. Good thing I'm not trying accomplish anything useful with my blog.

  12. I lost a follower this week too. She was there less than a week and never actually said anything. (Not that I stalk my followers or anything...)

  13. Your blogs are hillarious. More importantly, you fillet yourself constantly and the reactions of your followers and fellow bloggers proves to me you are on target. Any self effacing performer picks up momentum in front of a live audience. That's when the magic happens (right, Chef?) You're actually touching people with humor. I can tell they get touched. The awards stuff reminds me we are all just grown up versions of kids on the playground hoping someone notices we showed up today with a new scarf or shoes. Hell, I've been stopping by for months, and no one but you has ever said jack shit about my shoes. Judge not, etc.


    Hoodchick nailed it this time. Nice scarf!

  14. Losing followers gets me right where it hurts, although it isn't supposed to matter, is it?

    I am betting that since Humor Bloggers couldn't even give you a reason, it was most certainly an accidental rejection. I mean, seriously, if they were to reject you ... they don't know quality humor!

  15. Hoodchick LOL..I totally agree!
    Ah followers come and go, some come back tho!
    Sorry about your rejections..I still think you are funny..not that I really count for anything except my opinion:)

  16. This is my first time here but I'm sure you're quite funny. February usually sucks, in my opinion. I agree with Dave, March will be sunnier.


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