Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Picture This

Curiosity killed the cat, and it's not doing me any favors, either.

Last week, as I was doing a little blog-cruising, I came across a post over at Fingers and Paws where CDB mentioned, as a throw-away line in a tag list, that she'd once been on the Ricki Lake Show and had pictures. Via the comments, people asked to hear the story. She seemed a little reluctant, so to sweeten the deal I offered to post the pictures from my 41st birthday party if she'd tell the Ricki Lake story and provide photographic evidence.

In the spirit of "never let it be said that I'm a welsher" (or have a lick of sense about when to keep things to myself) I am, forthwith, posting said party pix. These were taken during my Bone Chute days, before I settled down with Old Dog and became grandmother to southwest and central Ohio.

Here I am at a cowboy bar, picking up one of the 13 drinks all the nice folks from work bought me for my birthday.

And here I am, a short time later, riding the bull:

Some postscripts:

1) I went home alone. (Just saying.)

2) I did not have a hangover the next day (God knows why -- I drank whatever people put in front of me, including something called a "Purple Nightmare." I should have needed a stomach pump.)

3) When I went shopping the next day with a girlfriend, I complained about my arm being sore. It took both of us a couple of hours to make the connection back to the bull-riding.

4) The hair. When I moved Up North, I had waist-length, permed hair. I returned home over Christmas and scheduled an appointment with the girl who had done my original perm, because I knew she was skilled with long hair. When I got to the shop, she had quit, but the remaining girl said she had my card and would be able to replicate the results. She burned my hair so badly I had to chop it off and live through two years of letting it grow out. That was my last perm. Ever.


  1. Maybe you had a stomach pump, you were just so drunk you don't remember it. That would account for the (lack of) hangover.

  2. I can relate to your hair story. I also got a perm a few years ago, and I decided, never again, when my hair began to break in clumps.

    I have long hair and my stylist has told me that if I decide to have it cut, she is NOT going to do it.

  3. Great story! I've had some memorable BDs like that. Happily, no one had a camera!
    You had beautiful hair!

  4. Of course I have a bad perm story. Lord knows why I ever got a perm in the first place. I think it permanently changed the texture of my hair. It was the day before the first day of fifth grade. My moms best friend did it and I cried over it. My hair was so frizzed out and my hair has been curly ever since!

  5. Whoa, cowgirl! Wild days! :)

    I've always been to scared to get a perm, though I've been tempted many a time. I think you just cured me of temptation. Thank you!

  6. OMG -Those pictures are the best! Don't even start me on botched perm jobs. Thank goodness I left that all behind in the 80's.

  7. It's one of my life goals to ride a mechanical bull - I am totally going to take pictures.

    Didn't CDB the best? I have the honor of knowing her in real life (we even had brunch of Sunday).

  8. I'm so with ya here...right!

    Back in the day, I got those fake nails put on and went to the bar that night, but not before I went back to the shop and had the nails shortened somewhat, I couldn't get my truck door opened...but the next morning I had a broken nail...hmmmm...the next time I went to that bar, they told me to hang onto the chair better...I suppose somehow it was like the bull...ya think!

    Ahhh, the good ol' days! Do you suppose I have brain dammage...

  9. You did it! You did it! Oh, the honorable Jeanne.. these are the BEST. Though, you bending over to get the ____ _____ (raunchy named drink) wasn't nearly as bad as I'd thought.

    I have to admit, at the eleventh hour last night, when I was examining my own insanity in scanning in pictures from this horrible mistake that I'd long blocked from my memory, I thought.. maybe she'll forget.

    Then I thought better. I think we tied.

  10. After being a hairdresser for nearly 25+ years I want Ricky Lake Story, not botched perm stories, lol

  11. Never rode a mechanical bull...I think I tried to BB-Q one once...

  12. I just love that hair! Wow. Great photos.

  13. I think it's awesome your rode a bull!

  14. Oh, the perms we've suffered through! There should be a perm blog just so we can post all those pics and finally get some closure. And I am delighted beyond belief that my word verification is "perma." Hello, karma!

  15. I can't believe I didn't know about the bull. Oh, yes - we need to get together for lunch next week. I know how much you love that special day that's coming up!!

  16. You look like you may have suffered whiplash while riding that bull.


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