Saturday, February 28, 2009

End of an Experiment

In February, I experimented with posting everyday.

I found the pressure of putting something out everyday to be not a good thing on several levels.

First, it really cut into the time I have to spend cruising other people’s blogs, which sucks because:
o I keep missing the story setups and wind up feeling like the crazy old aunt who keeps saying, “What? What are you talking about?” while everyone else doubles over laughing.
o I love commenting (mostly because I crack myself up) and I’m egotistical enough to think that the big blog salad is a little less lively without my comment croutons.

Even worse, posting daily doesn’t give me time to polish my work. I know that’s how blogging is supposed to work -- very spontaneous -- but it doesn’t work for me.

In my “10 Rules for Living,” post, Rule 4 was: “If you’re not handing out candy, don’t decorate your house for Halloween. This is the definition of being a jerk. Don’t do it.”

With more thought, I would have written it as ““If you’re not handing out candy, don’t decorate your house for Halloween. This is the community equivalent of being a prick-tease.”

See the difference? (This may not matter to you, but it matters to me.)

Finally, between crafting posts and desperately trying to keep up with everyone else’s blogs, I spent very little time with Old Dog last month. Which is the most not okay of all.

When I got divorced the first time, I walked away from my house, my furniture, everything but my clothes and my kid, and started over. When I remarried, I warned Captain Oh-Wow that I would never do that again, that if we split up, he should plan to walk away wearing a barrel and, metaphorically, he did, but it was still a divorce. So when I married Old Dog, I told him these stories and said, “I don’t ever plan to get divorced again. To get out of this marriage, you’ll have to die.”

He looked at me thoughtfully and said, “Or you will.”

That level of commitment has served us well over the past 13.5 11.5 (no comments, please, we already knew I can't subtract), but it’s time to pay more attention to my best beloved.

I’m taking tomorrow off, to spruce up the place a little, and then I’ll be back to posting 3x a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

See you in the comment pages!


  1. Jeanne, here, here! I agree totally. I've posted every day for the past month, and I feel that I could've done so much better.

    However, your posts are always delicious!

  2. I felt the pressure of updating every single day as well and it gets to be pretty intimidating. I decided to relax a bit this week and I feel better about not having to come up with something every time I log in...better ideas are coming as a result :)

  3. MMMmmmmmm.

    So you trained us to show up every Sunday to get our candy treats, and now you're going to hold out? There has to be some kind of analogy here somewhere...

    Have a nice long weekend! smiles

  4. I agree with Steven G. I do look forward to your Sunday morning tidbit. I equate my morning oatmeal with a visit to your blog. However I do understand your thinking about the daily posting. I however do tend to just sit down and spew forth my post and move on with my day. You actually think about what you are saying. And I was wondering how you were able to have the time to do the daily posting as that went against your earlier modus operandi. Blogging and reading of blogs is very time consuming.

  5. I have been experimenting similarly, though no more frequently than every other day. I am finding it a bit excessive, not so much the posting as getting round to visit the blogs that I like to follow. I began by posting twice a week - which I may go back to unless I find some other solution.

  6. I find 3-4 times a week allows people time to comment, and also gives me time to write more meaningful posts. I don't do Facebook, or Twitter, etc. so I can focus on (what I hope!) is an intersting blog...

  7. I never particularly intended to blog every day - but it seems to 'just happen' that I have on average more than one thing to say each day. And I don't like to write posts that are about more than one thing. My hope in experimenting with Twitter is that one or two of the shorter things could go there instead... but we'll see.

    As with everything, you should do what works for you :)

  8. I have been neglecting my Beloved as well, which goes back to my post from Friday.. I agree, that if given more time to polish things up, my writing might dramatically improve. (We can only hope!)

    Good experiment, I enjoyed it but - I agree. Time is precious. My March experiment might be NOT posting daily. Shut up for once!!

  9. Old Dog is a wise Dog. I bet he keeps you on your toes.

  10. You are a wise woman...I post ahead sometimes so...I can rethink phrases but for the most part...I am a blogger...not a very good writer!
    I have cut back has me busy! Thanks for the comment...I needed it! :)

  11. FIRST of all- I ALSO love to crack myself up- and spend more time laughing at my comments on other people's blogs than at my own.

    Second- you're a fucking funny ass writer. I just had to say it. Old Dog is pretty damn funny as well. HA!

  12. I am also a 3 posts per week blogger. Until you have a team or writers helping, you need to know when to say when. You should never feel pressured because you always do a great job on your posts. I will look forward to Mon, Wed, and Friday.

  13. I'm so with you - I think I'm just going to post when I have something of interest to say - hopefully 3-4 times a week. Posting every day starts to feel like way too much work.

    I love your posts and I definitely see the difference when prick-tease is used.

  14. When I get stuck and have nothing profound/informative/humorous to say, I post a picture! But I'm like you, the stress can be awful. Very Type A am I.

  15. I am so glad you wrote that post.

    Writing a post everyday was like this for me: when it was new I wanted to do it all the time. Now that it's been in my life awhile, I can wait a little longer.

    I love seeing your comments at my house and around town!

  16. I am glad you wrote this, I am trying to slow down on so many as in the past...and I do get more comments when I have. You are so wise!

    I actually met a couple of women between my and your age now, so I have a social life, like I just blogged about, so hopefully I will be busy and spread them out!

  17. This came at a perfect time for me as well. I've struggled with the pressure to blog daily and it just doesn't work for me.

    I also hate that it takes away from my blog-reading and commenting. BTW, I cherish your comment-croutons.

    Unlike you, I don't polish my posts too much (but I am sure you can see that, LOL), but I'd like to pay a little more attention to my editing.

    Why I am telling you all of this? I don't know ... :)

  18. Right on! I get you on every one of those points - good for you!

    And, YES, your comments rock.

    And, YES #2, quality over quantity wins every time. (For instance, I only post twice a week for many of the same reasons you mentioned.)

    Enjoy your day and you have my support!



  19. OMG!!!

    What a lovely group of friends....

    I'm so glad you all have spoken your mind. The eloquence of your collective hearts is like a lobby of arrows for the author. The Earth's revolution is slower and safer tonight because of your love.

    I know she collects each pointed hit and absorbs it accordingly. I would guess that at some moment, when we each awake and stir in the middle of the night, one of the others will do the same....and smile, as we jointly ride this big blue marble into the future.

    It's late and time for us all sleep. For tomorrow the sun will rise, and you never know what the tide will bring in.



  20. WELL! I will miss you everyday..but a girl has to do what she has to do. I have noticed that many of the blogs I follow are going to three or four posts a week. I am Ok with that. I will hang on everyday..I have a lot to say and who knows what I will come up with next. I don't care much for polishing it up all pretty and tied in a perfect is supposed to be fun..and when the fun becomes no fun then you should back away. I am still having a ball:)

  21. I posted Monday through Friday for a long time, then I dropped to four days and now three. I love three for all the reasons you stated!

  22. You crack me up so it's just an added bonus if you crack yourself up too!

    Love Old Dog's comment...

    As for posting every day... I post most days anyway just because I feel like it. However, once you say you will post every day it feels like a huge burden and all the fun goes out of it...

  23. heck--I have a hard time keeping up with blogs. So quit posting every day and I can catch my breath!

  24. The beauty of blogging, I think, is that you can do it whenever and wherever and however you want. I mean, it's your blog! Designed and created and maintained by you. Everyone needs to do what's best for them and not let outside pressures dictate how you're "supposed" to do it. Thanks for striking a blow for individualism!

  25. We'll miss ya, but I find 3 x's a week is perfect!

  26. Amen! Posting every day is too much pressure. Though there are some days when I get antsy. Like come ooooonnn already has it really only been one day? Usually some wine/vodka/whiskey quiets the voices.

  27. Whatever works, baby! And I love the croutons - they're the best part.

  28. Jeanne, I agree too. Its too hard. I do it every other day and then do it in a rushed way. I think three times a week is a happy medium. And your readers will be here waiting have no worries about that.

  29. I love your posts, but I hate trying to post every day. Even if I say twice a week, I fall behind and feel crappy.

    Enjoy the 'break!'

    PS comment croutons - love it.

  30. "big blog salad is a little less lively without my comment croutons."

    again, absolutely priceless.

    You are right though, your comments are pithy and hilarious to read. I always get excited when I see them.


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