Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday Snippet

Guy in a bar: Didn’t I meet you at Woodstock?

Me: No, my parents wouldn’t let me go because I was in the eighth grade.

(Suggestion: Stay away from pickup lines that reference a woman's age. Whether it suggests she's looks older than she is, like this one, or goes too far the other direction ("Didn't you go to school with my daughter?"), it's not going to end well.)


  1. Good to know someone else is up at 5 am.

    In her 40's, my wife always got a kick when younger guys would flirt. Then one day, it became only the much older guys who flirted. She took this as a bad sign. I know how it is. I became invisible to younger women a long time ago. The deal sealer happened at dinner years ago when the server told told my wife I reminded her of her Dad.

  2. I actually came very close to being at Woodstock. Albeit in the family car, driving through the area, on a camping trip while I was about 7. I do remember my parents asking rhetorically why there were so many dirty kids around. My brother and I held up peace signs out the Volvo window. Everyone has a Woodstock story. ;)

  3. Other lines to avoid:
    "You sure don't sweat much for a big girl"..
    "I didn't know Deep Woods Off came in that scent"..
    "Hard to find jeans that fit, isn't it?"

  4. I remember when I was a freshman at Ball State the dorm across from us used to blast the album from Woodstock into the courtyard. Meanwhile I was fresh from my safe little hometown and really knew little of Woodstock. I always think of that when I hear any of that music.

  5. NICE. The scary thing, he probably did meet a girl at Woodstock, or several thousand.. and has been searching for them ever since.

  6. You will love this site:

  7. Ha!

    I love it.

    Pick up lines are so amusing to me.

  8. Oh yeah. These have never worked.

  9. Hola from Sits! I just thought I would stop by and say hello!!! :o) Have a good day!


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