Monday, December 22, 2008

Pre-Christmas Rant

Just a brief, pre-Christmas tirade.
My carpet is not toilet paper!

As the holiday approaches, things are getting hectic here (as with the rest of you), and I’ve been trying to keep the house reasonably clean so that I don’t have a major sanitizing effort on Christmas Eve, along with cooking/wrapping/etc.

But Emmeline and Abigail are not helping.

Every time I push the vacuum back into the closet, satisfied that we’re reasonably presentable, one of them decides it’s time to drag her butt across the living room.

They’ve always been indoor dogs, but if it weren’t -22 here (counting windchill) I would shove their furry behinds outside and leave them there, whining pitifully at the back door, until the holidays are over!

As you view the pictures, perhaps you are thinking, "What kind of woman owns a black dog and a white dog? Does she view dog hair as an accessory, to be sported on her clothing every season of the year? Or, does she think a light coating of fur makes an otherwise drab room?"
No, she's just a sucker for a cute puppy.



  1. Our Airedale has been great, but the cat has decided the world is her litter box...

  2. Let me see Jeanne - definitely a sucker for a sweet puppy. Its cold it always make you want to....-22 its so hard to comprehend..

    I hope you stay warm and have a wonderful Christmas!!!!

  3. Oh boy, they are pretty cute, though. Hee!

  4. You know you love them really!! (Just keep telling yourself that.)

    Thanks for dropping by my blog earlier, it's always nice to see new faces :)

  5. This cat would chase the doggies all a round the house...I remember all too well the dog bottom dragging bit...Merry Christmas and thanks for checking out my poetry site!

  6. They are super cute! Hard to punish cute faces, just like kids!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. The bread was super yummy, it's one of my favs :).

  7. I love my dogs, but my puppy (under 1 year) still doesn't have the hang of the going outside thing.

    Anyone have a sausage recipe?

  8. I came home to a half eaten ornament on my newly vacuumed carpet! I love my dogs...I love my dogs! I am just going to keep saying it or otherwise...
    Thanks for the comment on my blog made my day!

  9. There is just no grosser sight than the dog butt scoot. Our mutt used to do it and it sent my blood pressure skyrocketing!

  10. ouch! I'm sorry to hear this. Anyway, I hope your Christmas is still a good one inspite. Merry Christmas!

  11. Oh, I would be a sucker for those cute dogs as well!!! Have a very Merry Christmas... hopefully they'll catch on and help stay clean today!!!


  12. Hey, I have two dogs- one black and one white.

    They are loud, barking, annoying, shedding, loving and wonderful dogs.


  13. The black one has that look on her face that says "what? what'd I do?"


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