Friday, November 28, 2008

Who Hears a Horton?

In response to Mr. Horton's comment on the previous blog entry, I do see/read the comments (and generally respond to them). When you see a second comment has been added to an entry, it's usually me replying. Not sure that's how it's supposed to work, so if there's a better way, please let me know!

Also, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, wanted to take a minute to thank everyone who's reading, and everyone who's passing the link on to others. I had a goal of 100 hits a week by Christmas, and I've already surpassed that.

Now, back to work on today's entry, so that I can accomplish my other goal, publishing on Sunday, Wednesday and Friday of each week.

1 comment:

  1. If Mr. Horton were half as clever as he thinks he is, he would have figured out that he must "sign in" every time in order to post a comment. By clicking on " Post a comment" immediately after reading the author's latest piece, he was on the window that required a password which was often stated as " incorrect".

    Mr. Horton will sleep better knowing the author is at work on sharing more of the gems from the diamond mine where she dwells. He will also try not be like an Irish Setter rolling on the floor hoping to get scratched behind the ears everytime he turns a clever phrase of his own.

    For now,he has to be at the Alhambra at 7:00 where tonight's double feature is, "A Hard Day's Night" and "Darby O'Gill and the Little People"



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