Sunday, November 2, 2008

Meeting the Man - Part 2

So, I’m supposed to be a poll-watcher on Tuesday, preventing evil Republican operatives from disenfranchising hapless Democrats.

Even though it involves twelve straight hours of standing (and after 35 years of being a desk jockey, I’m much better at sitting on my butt than standing on my feet), I was really looking forward to it. A month ago I requested a couple of days of vacation – one to work the polls and one to recover.

My older sister, Carla, has been working the campaign in Florida, another battleground state with a shady past where it comes to presidential elections. I talk to her every weekend and she sounds exhausted but exhilarated. We confer about Tuesday's election with the fervor of two six-year-olds discussing what we’ll get for Christmas.

In the meantime, though, the software I support has gone bonkers, intermittently writing bad data and going belly up at the slightest provocation (provocation being too many people using it at the same time).

And since, on Thursday, my company announced they’ll be trimming 5% of the workforce before Thanksgiving, it’s probably not a good time to announce, “I’m a lot more interested in future of our country than the future of this company.”

So good luck on Tuesday, Senator Obama.

On Wednesday I hope to be saying, “President Obama.”


  1. Great picture! Is that from the rally you attended?

    I, too, am looking forward to Tuesday with a ridiculous amount of excitement.

  2. This picture -- it is from the rally. I like to think that those are my fingers in the bottom right corner of the picture, but I think they really belong to Chrissy, a friend of the photographer. She was so wound up -- it reminded me of the way girls used to go crazy over the Beatles.


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