Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Nuts or Normal?

At the gym the other day, on one of the omnipresent overhead TVs, I saw a segment on Fox News called "Normal or Nuts?"

On it, people write in to describe a situation about which they feel uncomfortable and then ask Fox's opinion about whether it's normal for this situation to bother them.

One example was the mother of a  30-something daughter with kids of her own. The daughter had recently taken to calling her mother "Mommy" and it was weirding Grandma out.

Normal or Nuts?

I gotta tell you, if watch Fox, and you actually think you're seeing the news,  the jury's already come back on that question.


  1. Yeah, by the time you're asking Fox whether you're normal.......

  2. My own brother did that, and I often thought it was juvenile...although, we love our mom's and want to show them affection.

    Fox, my opinion is a bit harsh to say here :)

  3. I can see how this is major, real concerning news!!!

  4. I knowwww. Fox is so full of racist homophobic idiots. We all know that NBC, ABC, CNN, and CBS tell the truth all the time, with no bias whatsoever...DUH!!!!

  5. There are hardly any channels I actually like... which is probably why I almost never watch TV.


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