Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Little Town Tuesday: Heads Will Roll

Last week in the Dayton Daily News, my old company announced another round of layoffs--75 people of the remaining 612.

Sometimes it's nice to have already gotten the ax.

(Pictorial beheading courtesy of Dave Wells, GIMPer extraordinaire.)


  1. Oh shit I'm sorry you did- and that picture is kind of awesome. So are you.

  2. You are funny.

    I regret to hear about the layoffs, 75 over 612 is more than 10%. I wonder what is the unemployment rate in Malaysia. Must say never checked it out.

  3. Where have I been?

    Sorry to hear this. Not that I want to jinx his happiness lately, but I often wonder when the company out of CA that bought hubs company will decide they aren't making enough money for the company. I mean who sells a company if it is doing well right? Oh I know better...

    Hope things go the way you want them...I discovered not working allows me to write, which is what I always wanted to do. I just forgot...

  4. Ah, newspapers, they seem to be a dying breed, don't they. Our local paper has cut down so much on staff that I sometimes wonder where they get the news they do print. No one is doing much editing as they have retired all those editors.

    Your blog name intrigued me. Thought with the raisin in the title you might be local as we are the raisin capital of the world. Guess not.


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