Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My Little Town Tuesday: Shoot 'Em Up

Last week an insurance adjuster was out to check out some hail damage to our roof.

He didn't find any significant haiil damage, but in the course of his investigations, he did find this little beauty embedded in our shingles.

In case you can't tell, it's a .30 millimeter bullet.

Why did I have a bullet in my roof?

In My Little Town, we have this charming custom: on New Year's Eve, everyone shoots off their guns into the night sky to welcome in the coming year.

And, since what goes up must come down, these missiles eventually make their way back to earth. Unless, of course, they're stopped by something like a roof.

Or someone's head.

Riverside. Gotta love it.

For more tales of charming Riverside, OH (like the one about the S.W.A.T. team and the parrot) go here.


  1. Wow, a bullet in your roof! I guess that's better than in your head, but still....

  2. holy cow...lucky it hit the roof i guess...

  3. I believe that in Libya the celebratory bullets quite often find heads. I'm glad yours only found the roof! Great post.

  4. Where's the sexy raisin profile pic!

    Your pic is more enticing, I would probably eat the other one if I came across it in person LOL

    I saw a movie about Mexico where Brad Pitt and others shoot guns off in the air and one killed a man that very same way. Scary.

    I hate to admit it, although I wasn't married to the guy, my high school friend was, a German guy who got arrested one night when he was drunk doing that, and they deported him back to Germany because he wasn't a citizen and gave the police a very hard time.

  5. Scary..you live in a wild town:) I enjoyed the other stories as well..especially the parrot:)

  6. Oh, boy. Reminds me of last week when I was in Dallas for work. Virtually every over-sized pick up truck had a gun rack in the back window, and the driver looked like he had a hair-trigger attitude.

    Here's to New Year's (Wear a helmut, dear!)


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