Friday, September 24, 2010

Fiction Friday: What I'd Do For Love

Love of writing, that is.

I once spent a Sunday afternoon in my driveway handcuffed to the steering wheel of my Saturn, trying to figure out how my protagonist could get herself out of that situation.

I have no idea what the neighbors thought, but I'd swear I saw them giving Old Dog some very odd looks afterwards.

(By the way: from the front seat of a '94 Saturn SL1 it's possible to pull down the backseat and access the trunk. So if you happen to have a crowbar in there....)

Note: This post was awarded a Post of the Week medal by The Comedy Goddess.


  1. It'd be pretty hard to escape out the trunk if your hands are cuffed to the steering wheel. Maybe your main character could be a contortionist?

  2. You are so awesome. I love that you did that.

  3. haha. you rock...i think i would do the much for fun than research...

  4. Soaking in the action yourself? A hard but adventurous way!

  5. Soaking in the action yourself? A hard but adventurous way!

  6. Visiting from the Goddess. Congrats on the POTW. This tickled my funny bone just picturing a zealous author staging something she is writing in her book. Amazing. Great post.

  7. That is funny. I rank that up there with movie stars who undergo a physical transformation to prepare for a movie role. I think we have all had to do some explaining to our neighbors at one time or another to keep them from thinking we are crazy.

  8. Give your protagonist a cell phone.

    Next question?

  9. So that's your story and you are sticking to it, eh?


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