Monday, June 14, 2010

Old Enough to Fart Dust

So the other day, I receive this little gem in the mail:

To which, all I can say is, I'm not dead yet!


  1. Heh! Hubby is ready for his AARP sign-up in a month!

  2. I love your title. I don't love all the "old folks" stuff I get in the mail everyday.

  3. Brilliant!
    I haven't started looking for a witty YouTube response to all of the Penis Enlargement emails I receive... I am sure there is one out there.

  4. I'm to be cremated, and my wife will take the ashes, send them to the four winds, and say "Here's the blow job you always were bothering me about"....

  5. I want a Viking funeral on the lake near us. Push me out on a raft and everyone on shore shoots flaming arrows at me.

  6. Dang, I LOVE Monty Python

    Dang, I LOVE Skyler's Dad's post

    Dang, I LOVE having you in our lives

    Everyone in my family knows my epitaph is to be this:

    "I had a great time while I was here. Now it's your turn."

  7. 成熟,就是有能力適應生活中的模糊。..................................................


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